Time and again Rachel McAdams has proved that she knows how to rock the red carpet in style. And this year’s Toronto International Film Festival is no exemption as she stuns anew in a lacy, minty green gown with a sexy and playful vibe.

Last September 10, 2017, Disobedience premiered at the TIFF, and Rachel McAdams wows yet again as she wore a mint green gown by Elie Saab. The mint green grown features beautiful detailing, from the lace to the frills, and the billowing effect it has makes it look dreamy. The bustier design with frills at the top with ribbon detailing at the center gives off a flirtatious look. The gown flows freely at floor length with frilled edges, again maintaining that flirtatious and dreamy feel. The lace detailing leaves much to the imagination and adds allure to Rachel’s elegance.

To bring the gown at the forefront, Rachel wore very minimal makeup, going for the natural look. Her dark blonde hair was set in waves and parted sideways.  Rachel also went easy on the accessories, wearing only a couple of rings on each hand and simple elegant earrings to complete her look for the night.

The Canadian beauty looked gorgeous posing at the red carpet with her Disobedience co-stars Rachel Weisz and Alessandro Nivola. Both stars also had their A game on, with Weisz wearing a cream-colored gown with black lace detailings and Nivola donning the classic black suit.

Disobedience tells the forbidden love story set in the Jewish community. Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz play the two childhood friends who try to rekindle their romance after the latter goes home at the death of her rabbi father. Alessandro Nivola plays the husband of Rachel McAdams, who complicates further the situation.

Sebastian Lelio, Disobedience’s director shared a funny anecdote while filming the movie. With two Rachels in the movie, there seems to be some confusion on set. Lelio shared that when he was trying to talk to one Rachel, he meant the other one, but both Rachels turned.

Rachel McAdams was a welcome addition to the cast as she has always been a great actress. Other than this though, she also has great chemistry with Rachel Weisz and her other co-actors. Aside from Friday’s premier of Disobedience, the movie is also set for a May 4, 2018 release in the UK.