Disobedience is finally out and critics are praising it, calling attention to Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams eloquent performances, capturing the nuances of their respective characters. Critics call it a beautiful story of love, personal truth, and emotional contentment.


One of the most talked about scenes that left a mark on both critics and audiences alike was the love scene of the two Rachels with emphasis on the moment Rachel Weisz spits into Rachel McAdams’ mouth. While critics have weighed in on how the love scene was one of the best this year, the stars also have a lot to say about it.

Rachel McAdams, when asked about the love scene, describes it as something unlike she’s ever done before. Agreeing with Weisz that it was an integral part of the movie, an empowering pivotal scene that is needed for her character’s development.

According to McAdams, this sex scene was a release, for her character to finally open up and be free. Filming the scene gave her a sense of freedom and safety, a camaraderie, of trying out all the things you love being a woman with another woman. She went on to say that there is an energy to the scene she hasn’t felt with any of her other onscreen male partners.

Asked whether it was challenging to take on a lesbian character, McAdams says that she never put her Esti character in that light. She only thought about channeling the oppression of sexuality and love between human beings.

Rachel Weisz has also given her take on this rather unique love scene as well, calling it much more powerful than just sex and describing it as extremely emotional, passionate, spiritual, and romantic. Weisz also emphasized that a love scene with a woman is less stubbly and much softer.

Disobedience is a story based on Naomi Alderman’s novel about a woman who returns to her community and rekindling their passionate love, breaking boundaries of sexuality and religion. It stars Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, alongside Alessandro Nivola. The film had its US release last April 27, 2018.