“It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, hands down,” Rachel McAdams says of her pregnancy and motherhood.

The Mean Girls star recently sat down with The Sunday Times UK while promoting her film, Disobedience, and talked about how she is enjoying motherhood even during the tough days.

While Rachel has talked about how she did give birth last April, this A-list Hollywood actress refused to divulge her son’s exact birthday or even his name, saying that she wanted to keep her son’s life away from the public’s scrutiny even if it isn’t hers in the first place.

Rachel is having the time of her life, spending time with her son away from the prying eyes of the public. She describes it as enjoyable, delightful, interesting, inspiring, among other positive words

She has always believed in waiting for the right time to be a mom, and she didn’t want to do it before it comes. At 39, she conceived her son, and knew that her “this was it!” moment had come. She went on to say that it was time she put her focus on another person.

Rachel, like any new mom, has also gone through the challenges and stress of motherhood, but she’s just delighted all through it all.

She went on to share snippets with her new bundle of joy, saying that she’s avoided pacifying her son with television or any electronic screen, and instead making pots and pans good distractions.

While it’s still early on to talk about future babies what with her son still 7-month-old or so, Rachel quipped that “there is definitely room for more” when it comes to the probability of expanding the family soon.