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May 6, 2011
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E! Online (UK) talks with Rachel and co-star Michael Sheen to talk about their upcoming project “Midnight in Paris“. We added the video in our media archive. It’s an interesting interview, Rachel reveals more about her character Inez, working with Woody, her chemistry with Michael, Paris and more.

Media Links:
Other > Midnight in Paris E! Online Interview
May 5, 2011

Collider sat down with Rachel yesterday during the first day of press to talk about “Midnight in Paris“. Today they already published a part of the interview were Rachel was talking about her upcoming projects. She officially confirmed her cameo in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“, and even confirmed she did some filming in London as well – we already saw set photos of her in Strasbourg – she also talks about “The Vow” and the Terrence Malick project.

Was it fun to get to play Irene Adler again? Were there things about her that you wanted to explore a little more?
McAdams: Yeah. I just have a small cameo in this one, but it was nice to revisit. It’s why I’ve always thought I would like to do television. You get really intimate with your character. Often with film, I find that you’re just really getting to know a person. They’re just starting to sink in, and then you wrap the film. So, it was nice to get to bring her back and have time to meditate on her a bit more. I liked that exercise.

Is The Vow your next film?
McAdams: We finished The Vow after Midnight in Paris, and then I went and did a Terrence Malick film after that.

What was Terrence Malick like to work with?
McAdams: He was wonderful and so inspiring. He has a very different way of working and I think it really services a real honesty and beauty in his films. It was a great experience, as an actor. You have to be very honest and very vulnerable, and take a leap and just hope someone will catch you, and he does. You can just let yourself go and let him take you where he’s going to take you, and trust that it will be interesting and compelling. You don’t have to do a lot, in a weird way. It was a great experience.
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May 5, 2011
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Yesterday was the first press day for Rachel to talk about “Midnight in Paris“, most of the time she does multiple days of press for a movie and of course there is the upcoming Cannes Opening. We added the first photo of Rachel with a reporter from Extra TV in our gallery. She looked stunning, her dress is amazing. We expect the first interviews releasing later on, and we will of course coverage all of them.

We also came across an article about the LA premiere of “Midnight in Paris” which will be hosted by Sony Classics to benefit the American Film Institute on May 18th in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. You can buy tickets for the premiere via American Film Institute. It’s not confirmed if Rachel will be attending the LA premiere as well. The movie will get a limited release (LA, New York) in the US May 20.

The official website for Spain was recently released. There is no new content (yet), but the site looks lovely. You can find the Rachel related captures in our gallery.

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Appearances > 2011 > May 4th: “Midnight in Paris” LA Press Conference
Movies & Television > Midnight In Paris > Official Website: MidnightInParisLaPelicula.com (Spain)

May 5, 2011
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We already announced before Rachel would be gracing the cover of Elle Magazine in the US this June but thanks to MagazineShelf we have a small preview of the official cover and interview. We expect the magazine to hit news stands around May 12, so stay tuned for more coverage.

Who: Rachel McAdams
Hometown: Ontario (Canada)
Red Carpet Ready: The L.A. shoot took place three days before the Oscars. Afterward, McAdams borrowed a velvet Giorgi Armani dress from the mag for a bash.
On her roles: “Sometimes I don’t think I am the best person for the job. That was the case with Morning Glory … I think, Really? ”

Gallery Links:
Magazines > 2011 > June: Elle (US)

May 3, 2011
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Chicago Tribute is reporting a critic thought “Midnight in Paris” was Woody Allen’s best movie in a couple of decades. Apparently the final movie screened already for a select group of people, including some critics and industry people. We haven’t found other reviews yet, but this opinion sounds promising! The movie premiers during Film Festival Cannes on May 11 and will get a limited release – before going wide – May 20 in the US. Only eight days until the Cannes premiere.

Wait ’til you see ‘Midnight in Paris’“, a critic-turned-programmer enthused, referring to the Woody Allen picture featuring Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard and Rachel McAdams. It opens the Cannes Film Festival May 11, to be followed by its American premiere May 20. The programmer loved it, and considers it Allen’s strongest work in a couple of decades.
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Apr 27, 2011
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Film Independent Members and The New York Film Club are hosting a special screening of “Midnight in Paris” a day after the Film Festival Cannes premiere on May 12th. The screening is The Landmark theater in West Los Angeles.

When: Thursday, May 12, 7:30 pm
Where: The Landmark – West Los Angeles
Price: Free for current Film Independent Members and one guest.
Reservation: Required. RSVP is not a guarantee of admittance. First come, first served.

For more information go to the official website of Film Independent. If you live in or around LA and you are a member of Film Independent Members we would recommend you to go. You can make a direct reservation on Eventbrite.com. The limited US release date is May 20th.

Apr 26, 2011
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We recently came across a photo of Rachel and Channing Tatum with the family Carpenter taking while “The Vow” was filming in Chicago around October of 2010 while doing some background source for the information page of the movie. “The Vow” is currently set to release February 10, 2012 and it officially wrapped late october 2010.

The movie is based on the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, so it’s great to see they are involved in the filming process as well. Krickitt wrote a little bit about meeting Rachel: “She is gorgeous. Just darling. Both of them [Rachel & Channing Tatum] are great.” Entertainment Weekly previously released the first production still. The full photo can be viewed in our gallery.

Gallery Links:
The Vow > Behind the Scenes > 2010: October – With Family Carpenter

Apr 25, 2011
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We added four new high quality production stills of Rachel as Inez in “Midnight in Paris“, thanks to Nick for the heads up. She looks absolutely stunning in all of them, and by the looks of the trailer and previous released production still this movie is going to be amazing. Rachel is expected to attend Film Festival Cannes 2011 according to Woody Allen himself were “Midnight in Paris” is going to be Opening Film for the festival on May 11th. The movie will get a limited release (New York and LA) on May 20th.

Gallery Links:
Movies & Television > Midnight In Paris > Production Stills

Apr 20, 2011
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Just came across the first official “Midnight in Paris” behind the scenes production still, via the official Spanish facebook account, with Rachel, Owen Wilson and Woody Allen. We added the still in our gallery, let’s hope more content will be released soon.

Woody Allen recently confirmed in an interview (with a French website) Rachel McAdams will attend Film Festival Cannes 2011 but still isn’t sure about Marion Cotillard and Carla Bruni. Cannes is held from May 11 until May 22 and the film is the opening film so we can expect to see Rachel May 11th. The US release (limited) is May 20th in LA and New York.

Media Links:
Midnight In Paris > Behind the Scenes > 2010: Official Stills

Apr 19, 2011
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We added the magazine scans of Rachel in the French Première in our gallery, thanks to Camillou. She spoke to the magazine while she was in Paris to promote “Morning Glory“. We tried to translate the interview into english, but since I use my ‘high-school French’ it’s not perfect and loosely translated but it’s a really nice interview and definitely worth the read. She explains the career choices the makes and wants to make, and finding the balance between work and her personal life.

You travel a lot, you are popular, respected in the industry, featured in a big movie like Morning Glory but haven’t become a complete celebrity. Do you think it’s better like that?
It’s hard to find a balance. You have to be present in a effective way, so the public wants to go and see your movies when they come out. You have to create the desire but not extend it so people will get tired of you … It’s really difficult to become an actor who can make a living for themselves by acting. I never wanted to be famous, I never seek for the attention, the public loves the glitter and glamor. In the past, an actor could be successful while maintaining a private life.

This is happening for you, right?
Yes, but for that I force myself not to be socially involved in Hollywood, if I did so I would probably have more work then I wanted. Because if you disappear for a long time from the radar, you get off the radar completely … It’s the balance I mentioned before that I am trying to achieve. And if that means you will never become a actor like Nicole Kidman or Julia Robers I am fine with that. It’s the career that suits me more. I want my privacy.

Read full interview

Gallery Links:
Magazines > 2011 > April: Premiere (France)

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