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Indie Wire released the very first production still of Rachel’s upcoming movie “Passion” which is directed by Brian De Palma and Noomi Rapace, Karoline Herfurth and Paul Anderson star alongside Rachel. They also report that the movie will get repped at the Cannes marketplace, so let’s hope we will get a release date soon! A preview of the still can be found below as well as the official plot.

Rachel will portray Christine, we are excited for this movie especially since it seems like something Rachel didn’t do before! BrianDePalma.org confirmed that Dominic Cooper didn’t join the cast after all despite several reports.

Official plot: An erotic thriller in the tradition of “Dressed To Kill” and “Basic Instinct”, Brian de Palma’s PASSION tells the story of a deadly power struggle between two women in the dog-eat-dog world of international business. Christine possesses the natural elegance and casual ease associated with one who has a healthy relationship with money and power. Innocent, lovely and easily exploited, her admiring protégé Isabelle is full of cutting-edge ideas that Christine has no qualms about stealing. They’re on the same team, after all…

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We just wanted to remind you that the DVD/Blu-ray of “The Vow” was released today in the US. The Blu-Ray has a few more extras then the DVD, be sure to check our original post for more information on the extras! We added the high definition captures of the movie yesterday, so be sure to check those out as well in case you missed them.

Don’t forgot to vote for Rachel and Channing Tatum because they are nominated for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards 2012.

7 May 2012   Gallery Updates The Vow Comments Off on “The Vow” HD Screen Captures

We added the high definition screen captures of Rachel in “The Vow” in which she stars with Channing Tatum. Be sure to don’t watch these captures if you don’t want to get spoiled. Rachel looks stunning in this movie and she once again proved she is a good dramatic actress.

The movie will be released on DVD/Blu-ray in the US tomorrow (May 8), and it’s still getting released in Europe in theaters.

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We just added the high definition screen captures of Rachel in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“. Rachel only returned for a small appearance in the second movie but we think she did an amazing job with her limited screen time! Don’t watch these captures if you don’t want to get spoiled! We also added a few captures of Rachel’s footage in the Blu-Ray extras.

The DVD/Blu-Ray will be released in the US June 12, go to our original update for more information. It’s already released in some regions, and more European regions will follow this month.

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Rachel and her co-star Channing Tatum are nominated for this year’s MTV Movie Awards in the ‘Best Kiss‘ category. The other nominees are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1), Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2) and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love). You can vote for Rachel & Channing at MTV.com.

You can vote until June 2nd and the show will be the next day.

In a tender memory-jogging makeout, devoted husband Channing Tatum woos his car crash survivor wife, Rachel McAdams with a second first kiss.

It’s been a while since we heard something about a new possible project, but now the Tracking Board is reporting that Rachel is considered for the thriller “A Most Wanted Man” with Philip Seymour Hoffman and (possibly) director Anton Corbijn.

Coming off the sleeper-hit “The Vow,” Rachel McAdams is now circling to star opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman in the thriller A MOST WANTED MAN for director Anton Corbijn (The American). Producers are also looking at Carey Mulligan, Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain for the role, with McAdams currently the frontrunner.

Word is that producers may be looking into replacing Corbijn in the near future.

Penned for the screen by Andrew Bovell and based on the novel by John le Carre, when a young Muslim immigrant is taken in by a Turkish family, a British banker (Hoffman) must protect him from U.S., British and German secret service agents. McAdams would play the role of Annabel Richter, a fearless and intelligent lawyer who is tasked with tracking down the Turkish man.

Gail Egan to produce alongside Stephen Mark Cornwell, Oliver Butcher, Malte Grunert, Andrea Calderwood and Simon Cornwell. Tessa Ross will executive produce.

McAdams was last seen earlier this year in the romancer “The Vow” for director Michael Sucsy, which grossed over $124 million domestically. She is currently in production on “Passion,” the mystery-thriller opposite Noomi Rapace and Dominic Cooper.

She is repped by UTA and Magnolia Entertainment.

We assume Rachel wrapped up filming for “Passion” since she was seen in Los Angeles earlier this week. We hope she is in town to meet for this project!

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Rachel was seen leaving the Renoir Cinema after “The Gospel of Us” screening with Michael Sheen yesterday (April 11). We added the photos in our gallery. We also added a few more additions of Rachel posing before the screening of the movie with Michael.

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Rachel attended the screening of “The Gospel of Us” in London with Michael Sheen. We added the first released photos in our gallery, including a few high quality ones, but we are still looking out for more. Rachel looked stunning in a black high waisted pants with a lace top.

10 April 2012   Appearances Gallery Updates Comments Off on “The Gospel of Us” Premiere Additions

We added more additions of Rachel attending “The Gospel of Us” premiere in Port Talbot, Wales on easter sunday. We also added a few photos of Rachel during the question and ask panel at the local mall with Michael. She was seen in the audience. Big thanks to Nadine for kindly donating them to us, be sure to visit her Michael Sheen site.

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Rachel attended “The Gospel of Us” premiere earlier today with Michael Sheen in Port Talbot, Wales. “The Gospel of Us” is the film version of Michael Sheen’s “Passion” he performed last year in his hometown. We added the first released photos, and some fan photos in our gallery.

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Since last year there are speculations about the untitled Terrence Malick movie premiering at the Film Festival of Cannes 2012 but we haven’t got any official news on the movie since the first production still was released.

But now it seems like it’s most likely the movie will get released in 2012 and maybe even at Cannes. Olga Kurylenko, who is also starring in the movie, talked about the movie in one of her recent interviews. She said “The Terrence Malick film should come out in 2012 but I don’t know when exactly” and she also revealed she saw an approximate trailer that they showed at Cannes a while ago.

CraveOnline: Do you get to see any cuts of the Malick film along the way?
Oh no, with Terrence, no. He doesn’t show anything. I probably recorded about 400 pages of text. I read a book because there’s a lot of voiceover. I’ve only seen the approximate trailer that they were showing in Cannes that they made up a while ago. The movie wasn’t even cut but now they’re very close. I think they’re very close to being done.
Read full interview

Jessica Chastain recently confirmed she hear she didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie. So it looks like the movie is almost done. We are hoping it will be ready for Cannes next month! The official selection of Cannes will be announced April 19, 2012. Be sure to go to our information page on the movie for more information, quotes and more!