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Jan 9, 2011
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The Berlin premiere for “Morning Glory” just finished only minutes ago and we already added the first released photos of Rachel during the premiere in our gallery. She looked absolutely stunning, wearing a red dress. Her make-up was done by Troy Jensen.

Stay tuned for more photos, videos and more coming in tomorrow and the rest of the week. Rachel will also attend the London premiere January 11 in Empire Leicester Sq. So if you live in London or nearby you can maybe attend the premiere.

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Appereances > “Morning Glory” Berlin Premiere – 01/09

Jan 5, 2011
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Rachel’s “The Vow” co-star Scott Speedman talked about the film during an interview with Tribute.ca. Although his role was really small he loved working with Rachel. He said: “Rachel is incredible. She is really, really, really good.” He also praised Channing Tatum: “He is interesting to watch. He is cool“. The release date is currently set for February 10, 2012 in the US.

We over at Rachel McAdams Online wanted to wish all the lovely visitors of our site a (be-lated) happy new year. We hope this year is going to be a good, healthy and happy year for you. Thanks for your on going support for Rachel and the site. We aim to stay the most complete, reliable and best source for Rachel McAdams. If you missed our last post be sure to read it, we made a review of Rachel’s 2010.

Dec 31, 2010
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Inspired by Isabel Lucas Online we decided to make summary/review of this year. 210 has been an amazing year for Rachel. Still promoting “Sherlock Holmes” early this year and preparing and filming different project. We still made a total of 115 news post, although only one movie (“Morning Glory“) released. Yes, 2010 was a busy year for our girl.

Read our full review after the jump!

Dec 29, 2010
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Canadia actress Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Dairies) admitted in previous interviews that she admires Rachel’s work and really sees her as someone she looks up to. In a recent interview, for Flaire of February 2011, Nina opens up about her fascination for Rachel.

Diary she would love to read:

“I would never actually read anyone’s diary, but I would be fascinated to step into Rachel McAdams’s shoes. We’re both from Ontario and studied in Toronto so I’d be interested to know what her process, achievements, and hardships have been throughout the years. She’s a great talent who holds her own opposite names such as Robert Downey Jr., Diane Keaton, Eric Bana, and Harrison Ford.”


Dec 26, 2010
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We wanted to wish all the visitors of Rachel McAdams Online a wonderful christmas. We hope you all enjoyed the first christmas day and are enjoying the second one right now. Rachel recently opened up on how she spend her christmas:

For Rachel McAdams, another Canadian actor, “Christmas is usually pretty much the same. I’m always with my family in Canada. We do the big Christmas dinner.”

With a chuckle, she revealed: “We still have the stockings—we can’t seem to let go of the stockings. My mom was like, ‘You are 30 plus. It’s time to put the stockings away.’ My brother, sister and I were like, ‘No, we love the stockings.’ That’s our favorite part, so what we do is everyone buys something for each other’s stockings. We all contribute something special so it’s not just my mom going out and buying.”

She likes to cook, stressed Rachel, who top-billed “Morning Glory.” “I like to do the sweet potatoes. We take turns with the duties every year, from setting the table to cooking.”


Dec 23, 2010
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The release dates for Europe are coming soon, most of them are in January, and the European posters are released. We added five new posters in our gallery. According to ET UK Rachel, Harrison Ford and Patrick Wilson are going to attend the London premiere on January 11 in Empire Leicester.

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Morning Glory > Posters

Dec 14, 2010
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Rachel is featured in Vogue Italia’s December 2010 Fashion Style. You can watch the outtakes in our gallery. We now added magazine scans in our gallery. Thanks to Susy of Miss McAdams we have a translation of the interview. You can read it here below:

I wasn’t popular at all in high school. I know that every actress says that, but I was really awkward.”

For the Canadian actress acting was just a hobby. But after breaking several times the box office, she made a career out of it. A career that’s now definitely on the rise.

I love changing the color of my hair, sometimes I don’t do it for a role. I do it for myself.” The resolve shown in those simple words makes you understand the character of Rachel McAdams, volitive Canadian actress who gave proof in her career of a chameleonic talent. She was the romantic American dream pursued by the main character in 2002?s “My name is Tanino”; a dream that became evil, poisoned and intriguing in Regina George, the Queen Bee in 2004?s teen comedy “Mean Girls”. After this scathing performance, she got a box office success with Nick Cassavetes’ “The Notebook”, a corny movie to some, a touching one to others. She shined then in the comedy “Wedding Crashers”, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and in the hitchcockian thriller – that she defines “incredibly claustrophobic” – “Red Eye”, a Wes Craven surprisingly non-splatter movie. Romantic and determined, funny and ironic, ready to tears and laughters, she loves the “sweeping love stories,” but cannot resist comic situations, she has “a certain curiosity on life that often push me beyond,” and always tries “to choose what comunicates me something; at the bottom, I’m the one who has to do it.”

She loves to choose a “wardrobe” of different roles. Because she can’t stand routine. She says it herself, “I look like an angel, but I can play the bitch.”

So, as a real quick-change artist, last year she was the charming and funny traitor Irene Adler in Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes.” “I have my ideas,” she says, “but I love playing different characters, I try to avoid repeating myself too much.” She has now a lot of new roles: Roger Mitchell’s “Morning Glory”, Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” and Terrence Malik’s “The Burial”, just to say a few of them. A whole package of names and subject chosen. “I want to work with great directors,” she emphasizes, but without making it influence her judgment skills. “I want to choose the stories for what they are.” Definitely determined, to be a girl who thought she was awkward.

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Magazine Scans > 2010 > Vogue (Italia) December

Dec 2, 2010
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Get really, really excited everyone! Rachel is gracing a new editorial in the current issue (December) of Italia. The photographer is the talented Tom Munro and the styling was done by Ludivine Poiblanc. We have to say: this is one of our favorite shoots. She is almost unrecognizable but as stunning as ever. Be sure to view the full site images in our gallery. Let’s hope we can add the full magazine scans soon. Links and previews are below:

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Sessions & Outtakes > 2010 > 002

Dec 1, 2010
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The wrap has new details about the Terrence Malick project the rumored title is: “The Burial“. The project is romantic drama starring Ben Affleck, Rachel Weisz, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, Barry Pepper alongside Rachel. Rachel plays Jane, you can read the partial plot summary below:

Set over a period of years, the film stars Affleck as Neil, a failed writer stuck in a loveless marriage with Marina (Kurylenko), whose expiring visa put pressure on Neil to propose. Neil and Marina have a daughter (Tatiana Chilin) together, but both of them are looking outside the marriage. Neil is drawn to Jane (McAdams) and Marina betrays her husband by having an affair with Charlie (Charles Baker).

Both Neil and Marina seek guidance from Father Quintana (Bardem), a priest frustrated by his inability to live his own life because he’s too busy advising his parishioners on theirs. The couple’s dysfunctional relationship begins to take a toll on their daughter, who starts having problems in school.


Neil and Jane share a kiss, which Jane doesn’t feel bad about because she knows Neil doesn’t love his wife. She plans to wait for Neil to get tired of Marina.

Read full article/plot

Sound good right? The release is set for 2012.

Nov 30, 2010
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The post “Morning Glory” promotion weeks have begun. The next project we can look forward to is “Midnight in Paris” and let’s hope Rachel will promote “Morning Glory” in Europe in January. So let’s hope the updates will come again within a few weeks.

We added a bunch of new photos of the “Morning Glory“, “Sherlock Holmes” and “The Lucky Ones” press conference in our gallery.

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Portrait Sessions > 014 – Morning Glory Press Conference
Portrait Sessions > 014 – Sherlock Holmes Press Conference
Portrait Sessions > 009 – The Lucky Ones Press Conference

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