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Apr 11, 2013
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People Magazine
Published: April 10, 2013

She’s been blonde, brunette and even pink — so what inspired Rachel McAdams to take the plunge and become a redhead?

This was the only color left!” she told PEOPLE, laughing, at the L.A. premiere of To The Wonder.

But seriously: “My mother is a redhead, so I thought maybe I could pull it off,” she shared. “If she could do it, maybe I could do it. I don’t know, I just thought that it would be fun.”

And McAdams is already making the most of her sexy new hue, piling it into a high, shiny topknot for Tuesday’s premiere. Dove stylist Mark Townsend created the “young, cool and super modern” look for the star by spraying her hair with Dove’s Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo for texture and working in a dime-size amount of the line’s Color Care Leave on Conditioner for shine.

He then pulled her hair into a ponytail, sprayed it with Sally Hershberger Genius Spray Wax and twisted the tail into a knot, tucking the ends under and securing with two bobby pins that had been sprayed with dry shampoo. A black satin ribbon finished the look.

May 18, 2011
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Published: May 18, 2011

Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams have finally confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood – that they are indeed a couple.

Yeah, we are together,” the actor told PEOPLE Tuesday at the Cinema Society & Thierry Mugler screening of their new movie Midnight in Paris in New York.

Linked since the fall, Sheen, 42, and McAdams, 32, hit the red carpet arm in arm in Cannes last week to promote the Woody Allen film.

I don’t think it was planned one way or the other,” McAdams said Tuesday of their going public with the romance.

So, what does Sheen find special about McAdams? “She’s talented, intelligent, beautiful. She’s warm and friendly. She’s very supportive, and very kind, very funny. She makes me laugh a lot,” he says.

And do they have anything in common besides acting? “Hopefully, I have some of those qualities as well,” quipped Sheen.

However coy they’ve been about their private life, the pair are effusive in discussing each other’s talents. “He’s a fantastic actor,” McAdams said of Sheen. “One of the best.”

Of McAdams’s onscreen appeal, Sheen added, “She has a real honesty and a real vulnerability about what she does. She has a real emotional presence.”

Allen, meanwhile, said the couple’s romance, which began after filming wrapped, came as a surprise to him. “No, I didn’t see it coming,” he told PEOPLE. “I could notice it a little with Penélope [Cruz] and Javier [Bardem] – who began dating during the filming of Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. “They were kind of chummy. But I didn’t see it coming here … and they did not ask my permission.”

Feb 21, 2011
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Published: April 2, 2007

First Rachel McAdams told Elle that her boyfriend influenced her film choices – and now Ryan Gosling has returned the compliment.

She’s kind. She doesn’t need any help from me. She’s inspired me to do so much as well,” Gosling, 26, said Sunday when asked about McAdams’s comments at a junket for his new thriller Fracture.

McAdams, 30, told the magazine’s April issue that her beau – and costar in 2004′s The Notebook – “never does the same thing twice. He’s very brave.”

But Gosling, a Best Actor Oscar nominee for Half Nelson, says McAdams has good judgment in her own right: “She’s the most discerning person I’ve ever met. She’ll read a script 100 times. She’s relentless.

And she’s not bad looking, either: Asked to comment on McAdams’s cover shot for the magazine, Gosling was momentarily tongue-tied.

Oh … yeah …” he said. “She looks stunning! Absolutely – yeah!

Feb 21, 2011
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Published: August 13, 2009

Playing a mother on the big screen for the first time might’ve given Rachel McAdams a taste for becoming a mom herself.

Having a few [kids] would be great,” McAdams told PEOPLE at the New York City premiere of The Time Traveler’s Wife on Wednesday, adding that she’s “looking forward to it someday.”

Playing opposite Eric Bana in the romantic drama, the Canadian actress says it was a role that she very much enjoyed. “I was excited and nervous about it because I haven’t done it before. It was a welcome challenge,” she said. “The little girls [Hailey McCann and Tatum McCann] in this film were so fantastic. They are real sisters and they made my job really easy. So I didn’t have to work too hard at that.”

When the day does arrive for McAdams, 30, to be a mom, she hopes to have the same qualities as her own mother. “My mom is a great inspiration to me,” she said. “She’s a nurse and very nurturing and gentle. She lets me be who I am. Hopefully I can take on those qualities and be as great as her.”

Wearing a white Pucci dress with a plunging neckline, McAdams walked the red carpet solo and, when asked about reports she recently split with boyfriend Josh Lucas, she would only say, “I’m sorry but I don’t talk about my personal life.”

When pressed for the best way to cope with heartache or breakups she said, “It’s different for everyone. If it’s eating ice cream, do what you love. Just have a good time. That’s what I would do.”

Feb 13, 2011
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Published: Fall, 2004

This raspberry party dress is “very “feminine and has a lot of movement to it, says McAdams, who earned raves in the recent hit Mean Girls. “I felt like I could have eaten ice cream – or gone to a ball! It would also be nice to wear to a wedding.

The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams shows off the updated vintage styles that are making their mark on the season.

In the best dresses, you can move the way you always do. This is one of those dresses.”

I love it when a dress seems to cling to you but not in an uncomfortable way,” says McAdams. “This dress is very comfortable but sexy. It sort of looks like an oil painting.” When it comes to her personal style, McAdams, who grew up in London, Ont., admits she’s usually “in a comfy sweater and a really casual skirt. And my jeans jacket goes everywhere with me.” The brown suit (opposite) is “very soft, almost cushy,” says McAdams. “I Love tweed. And broches are back big-time.”

Everybody igonores their back. There’s something interesting about an outfit with all the detial in the back.”

This big, beautiful bow – it illuminates the outfit,” says McAdams of the diamond brooch she wears here. The navy sweater, which she deems “very comfortable,” might also be paired with jeans and heels, she says. The crocheted top (opposite) seems “risqué and sassy,” says McAdams, who “felt a connection to the skirt as soon as I put it on. It’s got a life of its own.”

Just off the set of The Wedding Crashers, a romantic comedy due in theaters next spring, Mcadams concedes she’s a bit of a tomboy. “But at the same time,” she says, “I love to dress up. I love to accessorize.”

Feb 13, 2011
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Published: June, 2004

Yes, Rachel McAdams sometimes seeks solace in a bottle. Just not the one you’d think. “I always get in trouble for drinking my mom’s maple syrup.” says McAdams. So it’s no wonder that the actress, 25, was attracted to another sweet confection: The Notebook, based on Nicholas Sparks’s 1996 bestseller about WWII-ear Southern belle entangled in love triangle. “It’s such an overwhelming love story,” says McAdams, who devoured the book the day after getting cast. “I didn’t sob, but I cried.”

After her tart turn as Mean Girls‘s cutthroat queen bee, McAdams may take this year’s versatility award. “There aren’t many actresses who can go through the great comedy she does in Mean Girls,” says The Notebook costar James Marsden, “and turn around and break your heart.” The single Ontario native calls herself “a boring Canadian,” by talking a solo backpacking trip to Costa Rica and – gasp! – dyeing her blond locks: “Brunettes can have fun too.”

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